Some Thoughts on the History of Jewellery

The History of Jewellery
From the early centuries until the contemporary ones, jewellery had always had an important role in the human culture. Jewels can be made of any kind of material, like the stones from 100,000 years ago, the animal skin, feathers or any metal that is available to anyone who knows a bit about producing jewellery and who has the necessary resources to do it.
The ancient history of jewellery takes place in Egypt, Mesopotamia or India where there was created the foundation of any desired and possible jewellery design. In Egypt, this art of producing jewellery influenced the entire history of the fashion, as they created the most unbelievable designs from plants, skin and metals, with jewellery becoming more and more popular since those times.
India has made the jewellery become a part of their religion as well as a part of their everyday life, creating designs that were meant to be worn on the head, lots of bracelets on their hands and also rings and necklaces with outstanding designs. This is the reason they developed the art of producing and making jewellery much earlier than any other country. As a result, India became the most popular trading country in Europe at that time and also a driving force in the process of the European civilization’s expansion. India has influenced China to do the same thing, to invest in producing jewellery, their designs being inspired by the Indian ones.
Jewellery has been a constant presence ever since the human history has begun, influencing the fashion business and also the culture of any country that has been producing it.
Jewellery has a history that presents a story “to be worn”. This incredible method to shape any material into beautiful and precious designs that have been worn and contemplated by women ever since they were kids, has influenced the history of many fields, like art, culture, fashion and beauty. The most important aspect of the history of jewellery is the capability of being persistent and the resistance and popularity that this trend has had, from the early times of human nature to this day.
The art of producing jewellery has a 7000 years history, which leads to the various cultural developments that the field had influenced the eye of the society all around the world. In today’s time, jewellery has become a highly important craft for all the companies in the fashion business, being worn by women since the first years of human kind.
All in all, the history of jewellery dates back to thousands of years ago, and it had had many outcomes in cultural aspects and also in the history of fashion. This amazing craft has been developed and improved with time; today being an elementary aspect of any woman’s wardrobe and the base of any outfit. Over the time, men started to wear jewellery as well, in forms of watches or subtle necklaces, showing that jewellery has hit them hard too, being so popular that no one can resist jewellery’s charm.

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