Snake Plissken Bracelet

Simone Vera Bath

£200.00 GBP 


Dare to be fashionable with these unique snake bracelet by contemporary designer Simone Vera Bath.

Chain-links bronze bronze bracelet with leather. The single vertebrals measure between 8 x 10 mm and 11 x 12 mm. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist and fasten the leather cords with a knot.

A unisex statement bracelet for men and women!

Please state your wrist size during checkout. All of the designer's pieces are handmade. If not in stock, please allow a few days for making your jewel.

Simone Vera Bath Designer Jewellery

Simone Vera Bath's designs express the fascination of the unfinished and the irregular - making each piece something unique, never exactly the same and never serial. To view more of the designer's pieces, check out her jeweller profile in our jewellery shop.