Purple Multi-Spheres Art Earrings

Cleopatra Cosulet

£198.00 GBP 


One of a kind pair of asymmetrical earrings by Romanian art jeweller Cleopatra Cosulet.

The purple art earrings are handcrafted from sterling silver, patina, resin, pigment and coloured microspheres. One earring has a length of 12.5 cm, a width of 50 mm and a weight of 18 g. The other earring has a length of 13.5 cm, a width of 55 mm and a weight of 11 g.


Cleopatra Cosulet Art Jewellery

Cleopatra Cosulet is a Romanian art jeweller based in the beautiful city of Bucharest. See more of her unique art jewellery in Cleopatra's Song of Jewellery boutique.

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