Pink Gemstone Pearl Necklace

Argent London

£122.00 GBP 


The Pink Gemstone Pearl Necklace by Argent of London is a perfect and original piece for your loved one.

The modern gemstone necklace consists of a single strand of white pearls with a gold vermeil clasp and a tear drop shaped Lavender Chalcedony. The pearl necklace is also available with Lemon Topaz and Aqua Chalcedony.  The necklace length is circa 42.5 cm. 

When to wear the Pink Gemstone Pearl Necklace?

A feminine pearl necklace for a cocktail dress or a black tie event. There are matching pearl bracelets available in our jewellery shop. Fashionistas will also find a way to choose their overall style so that the necklace is part of an fashionable day outfit. 

The Pink Gemstone Pearl Necklace as a gift for her.

The gemstone pearl necklace is a lovely present for her if she likes pearl necklaces in a slightly more modern design. Depending on the occasion you may gift the necklace on its own or as a jewellery set together with the matching pearl bracelet.


Argent of London Jewellery

 Argent of London is known for their elegant yet affordable fine jewellery. To view more of Argent of London's pieces, visit their designer profile in our jewellery shop.