Oxidised Silver Round Feather Necklace


£150.00 GBP 


Express your unique style with this oxidised silver statement feather necklace by Aurum by Guðbjörg.

The feather necklace is made of oxidised 925 sterling silver and available in two different necklace lengths of 42 cm and 45 cm. 

The raven collection by Aurum is inspired by the raven with its feathers that are soft as silk but still exert a magnetic pull. The raven evokes curiosity and attracts attention, but is also mysterious. Despite the beautiful and delicate form of the raven's feathers, his claws are curved and powerful, reflecting the strength that Ravens possess. 

How to wear the Oxidised Silver Round Feather Necklace?

The dark feather necklace is very versatile and can be worn casually during the day as well as during the night as part of a more glamorous style. For the day we would suggest to keep your other jewellery simple and wear the feather necklace as an eye catcher. For a more glamorous style at night, combine the feather necklace with matching feather earrings and rings from the designer's raven feather jewellery collection in our jewellery shop. 

Make someone happy with this unique feather necklace.

The oxidised silver feather necklace is a lovely gift for a fashionista and a lady who likes feather jewellery. The necklace has a unique and unusual design which makes it especially popular with women that have their own fashion style. 

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