Oxidised Silver Swan Earrings


£65.00 GBP 


Make a fashion statement with these swan feather earrings by Icelandic jeweller Aurum.

These unusual earrings are made with 925 oxidised sterling silver and measure 10 mm x 10 mm. The earrings' shape is designed in the form of swan feathers. 

The Swan collection is inspired by the aristocratic shapes of the Swan. Delicate threads and strong lines create a unified whole. In the Swan collection feminine lines meet masculine strength and create powerful yet flexible forms.

How to wear the Oxidised Silver Swan Feather Earrings?

The oxidised silver give the feather earrings a darker and more dramatic look - perfect for wearing at night. The earrings look gorgeous as part of a sophisticated and elegant outfit. If you prefer a more romantic and feminine outfit, we would suggest to have a look at the non-oxidised sterling silver swan feather jewellery. Have a look at the photograph for ideas - most of the Swan jewellery elements are available in our jewellery shop.

The Oxidised Silver Swan Feather Earrings as a special gift for her.

The dark oxidised feather earrings are perfect for women that like to stand out. The Swan is very delicate and feminine. Oxidising the silver to arrive at a darker colour adds some masculinity to the jewellery: the ideal earrings for a strong lady. Find more matching pieces here.


Aurum Icelandic Designer Jewellery

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