lacewing Gold and Black Hoop Earrings


£115.00 GBP 


Stylish earrings by British jeweller Kokkino.

Stunning large hoop earrings in a striking hand-pierced design. The earrings have a diameter of approx. 35 mm.

The shiny eye catcher earrings are available in 3 different styles: Silver/Gold - earrings designed with brushed silver and gold plated detail, Black/Gold - earrings are made with oxidised silver and gold plated detail, Black/Silver - earrings are crafted with oxidised silver and have a brushed finished detail. These stunning fashion earrings are the perfect gift for ladies that like 'different' jewellery.

Kokkino british jewellery

Kokkino british jewellery

Kokkino is  a popular British jewellery brand that offers elegant yet simple and wearable handmade contemporary jewellery. To view more of the designer's pieces, visit Kokkino's jeweller profile in our jewellery shop.