Kintana Cognac Sterling Silver Earrings


£110.00 GBP 


The perfect earrings for autumn! Adorn yourself with MANJA's golden and brown gemstone earrings.

The unique gemstone earrings are made with sterling silver and feature three different gemstones including Citrine, Cognac Quartz and Smoky Quartz. The earrings are 21 mm long.

The gemstone earrings also available in purple and blue colours. The Kintana gemstone jewellery set is inspired by the beauty of the night sky. Combine with the matching  earrings and necklace to complete the look.

Style Guide:

Don't the warm golden colour mix make the gemstone earrings the perfect jewellery for an elegant evening in a 1920s hotel bar with a great selection of Cognacs? Choose a matching gem pendant in our jewellery shop and you are set for a night full of sparkle (see model photographs).

Gift Guide:

The Cognac coloured earrings are a lovely gift for ladies who like jewellery with warm colours. The Citrine crystal is the birthstone for ladies born in November.

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To learn more about British designer MANJA and their stunning sterling silver gemstone pendants, please visit the designer's profile in our jewellery shop.