Filigree Platinum Ring

Sebastian Pintea

£700.00 GBP 


Filigree is form​ing​ wire into delicate tracery. ​Platinum was used due to its strength as it offers a stability like no other metal and lends itself beautifully to create the filigree design. The filigree ring is 7.5 mm wide. 

The Filigree Platinum Ring inspires motion and the facets ​and curves ​allow it to r​e​flect light in many forms. ​The filigree ring is cast and polished in London and can be ordered in any size you like. If you wish to add a personal touch to it your name could be incorporated your name into the filiegree!

Please note that this ring is made to order. Contact our Customer Care for custom orders and personalisations. Please state your ring size during checkout.


Sebastian Pintea Swedish Jeweller

Sebastian Pintea is wandering jeweller and designer maker. He is based in UK and sets up his work bench and computer where ever he ends up staying. His style motto when it comes to jewellery is "Simple yet bold". Have a look at Sebastian Pineta's designer profile to learn more about his jewellery.