Evening Classic: Large White Pearls Necklace in Silver or Gold


£230.00 GBP 


The white pearl necklace is a must-have for any jewellery box!

We love this freshwater pearl strung and knotted necklace by London based designer ORA. It is an all-time classic that should not be missing in your jewellery box. The white pearl necklace fastens with a lobster clasp and has a total length of 17". The pearls measure 9 - 10 mm in diameter. You can choose between a sterling silver and 14ct gold filled pearl necklace.

This freshwater pearl necklace is also available with grey pearls and pearls of different sizes. For a more contemporary style, choose the pearl necklace with larger pearls. For a more classic style or as a bridal necklace choose the white pearl necklace with smaller pearls. Visit ORA's pearl necklace collection in our designer section.

Will the pearl necklace fit my wedding gown?

White pearl necklaces are classic bridal jewellery and will most likely fit the style of a classic white wedding gown. Though we would recommend buying the wedding gown before you spend a lot of money on bridal jewellery and shoes. The accessories should match the wedding gown, not the other way around.

Are you planning to buy the pearl necklace as a gift?

What a wonderful gift idea! All of ORA's pearl necklaces come beautifully packaged in a gift box. And of course there is the 14 days return guarantee. Although,what is there not to like when it comes to pearl necklaces?

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