Elegant Symbol Ring in Silver or Bronze

Simone Vera Bath

£200.00 GBP 


A mystic symbol ring to remind you on the wonders of life.

The symbol ring is available in bronze and silver and features three small precious stones. The wide ring is 1.5 mm thick and has a width of 17 mm at the top, 15 mm on the sides and 11 mm on the bottom.

Please state your ring size during checkout. All of the Simone Vera Bath's jewellery is handmade. If the symbol ring is not in stock, please allow a few days for crafting your ring. 

Simone Vera Bath Designer Jewellery

Originally from Berlin, Simone now spends a vast amount of her time in Rome where she has an atelier of her jewellery line. To learn more about her stunning vintage rings, please visit her designer profile in our jewellery shop.