Electra Quad Pendant Summer Necklace


£119.00 GBP 


Shine all day long with this summer necklace by British designer Kokkino. 

The Electra Quad Pendant Summer Necklace features delicate silver discs clustered together and highlighted with a blush of 24ct gold plating. The shiny necklace comes complete with a silky silver curb chain. The pretty jewel is also available with small diamonds.

Some of Kokkino's jewellery is made to order.  Please allow one week for it to arrive.

Kokkino british jewellery

Kokkino british jewellery

Kokkino is  a popular British jewellery brand that offers elegant yet simple and wearable handmade contemporary jewellery. To view more of the designer's pieces, visit Kokkino's jeweller profile in our jewellery shop.