Silver Dröfn Necklace


£165.00 GBP 


A delicate silver necklace in a unique design by contemporary jeweller Aurum.

The Silver Dröfn Necklace is crafted in 925 sterling silver and comes in two different lengths (with a 42 cm necklace chain and a 45 cm necklace chain). The organic shape of the Dröfn  pendant is inspired by the coral reefs off the coast of Iceland. The necklace is worn by the model in the photograph.

When to wear the Silver Dröfn Necklace?

The unusual silver necklace is very versatile and perfect for everyday wear. The necklace looks stunning as part of your business outfit as well as when worn with an elegant dress. The necklace can be worn on its own or combined with matching earrings or a matching ring and bracelet from the designer's collection - as shown in the photograph.

Make someone happy with the Silver Dröfn Necklace

This unique silver necklace is a lovely present for any woman who likes silver jewellery. The necklace can be combined with her existing silver jewellery or gifted as part of a jewellery set with matching elements from Aurum's Dröfn collection.


Aurum Icelandic Designer Jewellery

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