Divotra Mixed Gemstone Earrings


£120.00 GBP 


So much sparkle! Adorn yourself with MANJA's sterling silver orb gemstone earrings.

Rhodium plated sterling silver earrings with an orb set with mixed semi-precious stones. The earrings are 62 mm long and feature Iolite, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Rhodolite gemstones. 
Style Guide:
Perfect earrings for a cocktail dress. The unique silver earrings are lovely on their own as well as in combination with their matching necklace.
Gift Guide:
The silver gemstone earrings are a beautiful present for her birthday or Mother's Day.
MANJA Silver Germstone Jewellery
MANJA is a British jewellery label that specialises in delicate sterling silver and gold vermeil gemstone jewellery. To view more of the jeweller's colourful and unique pieces, visit MANJA's designer profile in our jewellery shop.