Black XXL Pearl Pendant on Long Necklace


£280.00 GBP 


The large black pearl pendant combines elegance and coolness in one necklace.

Magnificent black XXL pearl on a long necklace chain of 35". The black pearl has a diameter of 14 - 15 mm. Choose between 925 sterling silver and 14ct gold filled.

The black pearl pendant necklace can be worn on its own or layered with similar necklaces for a more fashionable effect. The 35" long pearl necklace is also available with a white, grey and pinky gold large pearl.

The sophisticated black pearl necklace is also a smart business necklace. Just wear it over a white t-shirt and combine it with black pearl studs.

The Black XXL Pearl Pendant Necklace will arrive beautifully packaged in the ORA gift box.

Ora British Pearl Jewellery


ORA is a British jewellery label based in London. ORA is specialised in classic yet contemporary pearl jewellery for everyday wear and special occasions. The label was founded by pearl specialist and jewellery designer Bibi Southwell. All of the label's pieces are handmade. To view more of ORA's designs, visit the designer's profile in our jewellery shop.