Big Silver Agla Earrings


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Your new accessory for everyday wear, Aurum's timeless sterling silver ear studs.

Delicate silver ear studs made of 925 silver. The ear studs measure 15 mm. For an elegant look for the night, combine the ear studs with the matching silver necklace and bracelet. 

The story behind the Aurum's Agla jewellery collection:

The Agla collection comprises a bracelet, two necklace designs and two ear stud designs. The sterling silver Agla pieces can be mixed and matched depending on the occasion. Aurum's Agla jewellery collection is influenced by Iceland's countryside with its delicate yet strong shapes, evoking fairy tale scenes.

Aurum by Gudbjorg - Icelandic jewellery

Icelandic jewellery by Aurum

Aurum by Guðbjörg is an Icelandic jewellery designer that is specialised in sterling silver jewellery inspired by the nature and landscape of Iceland. Their jewellery design is lovely for everyday wear and can be combined with matching pieces for a more elegant look for the evening. To view more of Aurum's pieces, please visit the designer's profile in our jewellery shop.