Atomic Adjustable Statement Ring - 4 Atoms


£62.00 GBP 


Chunky sterling silver ring in planetary design by Portuguese jeweller Vangloria.


Stylish silver ring inspired by the similarities between atomic structures and planetary systems. The ring is made of sterling silver and has an oxidised brushed finish. The ring is adjustable in size. There are more rings with a similar design available in our jewellery shop.

All of Vangloria's pieces are handmade. If not in stock, please allow for a week for your jewel to be produced.

Vangloria Jewellery Design

Founded in 2007, Vangloria is a contemporary jewellery label from Portugal. Vanessa Pires, the designer of Vangloria, draws her inspiration from the world of forms and the intangibility of emotions. Her jewellery is charaterised by the mix between sophistication and boldness. All of Vangloria's pieces are handmade in her atelier in Lisbon.