Antique Style Fish Cufflinks in Silver and Bronze

Simone Vera Bath

£150.00 GBP 


Unusual cuffinks by contemporary German designer Simone Vera Bath.

The fish cufflinks are made of sterling silver and bronze and measure 20 x 10mm.   

Simone Vera Bath Designer Jewellery

 Simone Vera Bath's designs are characterised by balancing gold, diamonds and precious stones with more core materials such as bronze, wood and leather. All of her creations are handcrafted and express the essence of her past and present experienes. Each piece reflects the mixture of cultural differences and embodies the idea of a continous transformation. Like life itself, Simone's collections express the fascination of the unfinished and the irregular - making each piece something unique, never exactly the same and never serial.

Originally from Berlin, Simone now spends a considerable amount of her time in Rome where she has an atelier of her jewellery line.