Amore Blue Topaz Silver Pendant


£180.00 GBP 


An enchanting blue: MANJA's modern Blue Topaz sterling silver pendant

The classic pendant is made from sterling silver and features a Blue Topaz gemstone. The pendant length is 30 mm. MANJA's Amore gemstone jewellery set also features earrings and a matching ring (as shown in the model photographs).

The pendant is also available with different gemstones. Have a look around in our jewellery shop and choose your favourite Amore pendant.

Style Guide:

The modern gemstone pendant is lovely daytime jewellery but looks stunning in the evening when combined with the matching earrings. This elegant jewellery set will let you sparkle all night long!

Gift Guide:

The silver Topaz pendant is classic jewellery gift for all gemstone lovers who prefer a more modern jewellery design.

MANJA Silver Germstone Jewellery
MANJA is a British jewellery label that specialises in delicate sterling silver and gold vermeil gemstone jewellery. To view more of the jeweller's colourful and unique pieces, visit MANJA's designer profile in our jewellery shop.