Amore Amethyst Silver Pendant


£180.00 GBP 


A jewellery box essential: MANJA's amethyst sterling silver pendant.

A stunning silver pendant for everyday wear. The sterling silver pendant features an amethyst gemstone and is 30 mm long. MANJA's Amore gemstone jewellery set comprises a necklace pendant, earrings and matching ring (see model photographs).

How to wear the Amore Amethyst Silver Pendant?

The Amore Amethyst Silver Pendant is very versatile and can be worn for almost any occasion. Combine the pendant with matching earrings and a silver amethyst ring and you have an elegant jewellery set for the evening.

Will the pendant fit my necklace chain?

The Amore Amethyst Silver Pendant is designed to fit most necklace chains. The pendant is best attached to an 18" to 24" necklace chain. Please refer to our necklace length buying guide for more information on how the different necklace chains will look on you. If in doubt, please contact our Customer Care team.

Gift Guide: 

The Amore Amethyst Silver Pendan is great for gem lovers who like modern designs and makes a stunning birthstone gift for Pisces ladies.

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To learn more about British designer MANJA and their stunning sterling silver gemstone pendants, please visit the designer's profile in our jewellery shop.