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Independent Designer Jewellery

You’re waiting for a friend and you catch a few notes in the breeze… There it is, your song. It instantly transports you to the happiest moments of your life. Or maybe it reminds you of someone who was such an important part of your life that just hearing your song makes it seem like he or she is close...
Independent Designer Jewellery

The songs and music that help define our mood and tastes are what inspired Song of Jewellery to focus on the countless distinctive styles that independent designer jewellery offers. And that's also why song style is one of the ways we organise our jewellery. We’re your online independent designer jewellery shop where pop princesses mingle with punks and postmodern minimalists rub elbows with multi-layered lovers of baroque!

The music you love also helps express your individual fashion style and our jewellery collections offer you an affordable way to show the world who you are: a lady or gentleman who enjoys exceptionally well-crafted jewellery that no one else is wearing. By offering you access to independent jewellery designers, Song of Jewellery is your bridge from High Street affordability to haute couture exclusivity.

We feature jewellery from a number of independent contemporary British and continental European designers, with a focus on independent niche designers as well as on young emerging jewellers. We curate our collections carefully, choosing only jewellery designers that can add a distinctive new style to our shop. Because nobody wants to listen to the same song over and over, do they?

Independent Designer Jewellery

 To learn more about our independent jewellery designers, visit our designer section. To read more about some of the best emerging international jewellery designers, visit our jewellery blog. In the blog we regularly interview independent jewellers and show you what's going on 'behind the scenes'. And for 15 more reasons why you should shop independent jewellery designers rather than from High Street jewellery shops, read our article about independent jewellers here :)