Grand Overture – Romantic Proposal At The Opera

12 September, 2016

‘When my husband proposed to me, it was a grand overture. I’m an avid fan of the opera and LOVE going to the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center to see all the amazing shows every year. But on one particular evening where we went to see Puccini’s Tosca, we were in the parterre section, which were incredible seats but I found to be a bit pricey for a date night. Because it was a late show and because we hadn’t had dinner before, I was starving!

He then insisted on taking a few photos of me in the background but then just kept snapping away with the camera. I started to wonder why he was taking so many photos and right as I was about to tell him I was hungry, he got down on one knee and said, “By the way darling, would you care to marry me?” I was so shocked it left me speechless! Probably the most touching moment of my life, I started to sob like a little baby, leaped into his arms and said yes! ♥
My engagement ring is a Tiffany & Co. solitaire diamond ring. The diamond is literally flawless, but what holds significant meaning for me is not its monetary value or the materialistic tendencies some may carry; it is purely based on how and why he did it. I’ve always dreamed of being with a man who’d be as romantic, fun and creative as my husband is! Whenever I look down at my ring, I can’t help but think of how our love was built like a diamond. With a lot of work and care, you can achieve wonders if you want to. Of course now, every time I pass by Lincoln Center, I get butterflies in my stomach. I can’t help but think of that night and of my husband.

It’s truly amazing what love can do! We just celebrated ten years of being together and are coming up on our third year wedding anniversary. New York can move mountains, I’m tellin’ ya!’This romantic story is part of our Share Your Story guest post series and was contributed by Suzanne Spiegoski. If you fancy sharing your story with us too, just get in touch! SaveSave

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