The Key to Freedom by Ida Ploug Pahus

"One of my very favorite pieces of jewelry is my ”Unlock Freedom” necklace bought from the anti-human trafficking organization The A21 Campaign. The necklace is made in a vintage design with a key at the end. The mission of The A21 Campaign is to abolish injustice in the 21st century through preventing injustices, aftercare programs and shelters for the victims and prosecution of violators.

Necklace With a good cause

The reason why I love wearing this necklace so much is because when I wear the necklace I am reminded of fact that once I was a victim myself. Not to human trafficking, but to comparing myself to other people, to thinking less of myself, and a victim of forgetting the needs of the people around me, because all my focus was on myself and the lack of freedom in my own life. But all this has changed now. I have been set free from all this. Now I live a life in abundance of freedom. Now I want others to experience this wild and free freedom I have been experiencing myself and be the key to someone else’s freedom. Because there are people out there who so desperately need to be set free, maybe from a low self-esteem, negative thoughts of oneself and feelings of not being enough, maybe it is the prison of unforgiveness and bitterness or maybe it is even the prison made by someone else - the crime of human trafficking.

The key found in the necklace is the key I want to use to remind myself that there are other people out in the world who need freedom so desperately. The necklace reminds me that I can make a change if I decide to do something and that is why I love wearing it SO much."

This inspiring guest post is part of our Share Your Story guest blogging series and was contributed by Ida Ploug Pahus. To view more of her posts, check out the blog Live Life Fully Alive.

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