A True Love Story & An 68-Year Old Engagement Ring by Mandie Leek

"Love is a funny thing, one minute we are desperate for it then next we wish we'd never felt it. Its wonderful but it can be really painful at times too.

"No regrets though, to feel the real thing you have to have felt the wrong too!

But when you meet the right person fireworks go off inside you, your heart pounds and it feels like you have a million butterflies in your tummy. It is like all that matters in the world is the two of you. It's a magical feeling that we are lucky to have.

True love is a magnificent thing. It's like being in your own love song. It's breathtaking.

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My nan and grandad lived in Australia most of my life but they had that true love. You could see it everytime they were in the same room. The love they shared was one of the strongest I've ever seen. They even had similar names, Ray and Kay, it was clearly fate!!! They literally lived for one another, they adored each other. It was inspiring.

In the summer of 2001 my brother had been to visit them so when it was time to collect him from the airport I was keen to tag alone in the hope he'd bought his big sister a nice bottle of perfume from duty free. Instead he gave me a ring box. I was confused, I was speechless and that doesn't happen very often. I opened it a bit apprehensively only to see the most gorgeous gold ring with sparkling diamonds. It fitted perfectly. My nan had sent me her engagement ring. I was overwhelmed. It had travelled across the world to get to me!!

My grandad had proposed to my nan in 1948 when she was 22, they married the following year. Their love grew on from there and it never stopped growing. Now I was able to share part of that wonderful love story.

Sadly my grandad died in 2005 but my nan turns 90 this month. She is still going strong but she misses him every single day. We all do.

Everytime I wear the ring I think of my grandparents. It's like as I slip it on my finger memories pour into my head. I recal my grandad carrying me upstairs after I fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up briefly, my head on his shoulder, him holding me tight. He always smelt of imperial leather soap as he used it for shaving. That smell always makes me think of him. It's like that ring gives me a part of them.

The ring is so special to me, 68 years old now and I only wear it for special occasions as it is so precious to me. Not in a materialistic way but in the way it allows me to be a part of a perfect love story. A part of my grandparents love for each other and their love for me. I don't think many pieces of jewellery tell such an incredibly beautiful story."

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