5 Reasons Why You Should Spend A Romantic Weekend in Ghent

Oh hello, Friday. Finally the weekend has arrived and we might find ourselves wishing we had planned a little weekend trip. Well, good thing that there are always last minute options. If this sounds too rushed, there are of course other weekends to come for which you can plan that romantic little getaway you have been longing for.


The usual couple's weekend trips go to the likes of Paris, Rome and Barcelona. Ghent often appears only much more down the list of romantic weekend getaways. Same holds for people visiting Europe from overseas. Ghent is generally not part of their first or even second trips to Europe. Wondering why this may be the case? Well, Ghent doesn’t have a beautiful beach like Barcelona nor is it full of historic must-sees like Rome. And Ghent doesn’t have the reputation for being city of love like Paris. Nevertheless, here are 5 reasons why Ghent should move up your list of romantic weekend getaways. And for the people from overseas, let's call it the 5 reasons why Ghent should be part of your Europe trip!


5 Reasons Why You Should Spend A Romantic Weekend in Ghent:


Ghent - Romantic Weekend Trip to Belgium

1. The City's Architecture: Ghent is an incredibly beautiful city with lots of cafes and restaurants. In fact, walking through Ghent simply is an architectural feast with lots of historic buildings and hidden alleys. Ghent's architecture can easily compete with that of Paris, Barcelona, Rome and London.

    2. Ghent's Culture: With the city's Gravensteen Castle and historical city centre, Ghent will easily tick off any culture-sightseeing requests. The castle is located in the middle of the city and will give you stunning views over Ghent's historical city centre and its little streets. So make sure you go up to the top of the castle!
      Romantic Weekend Escape Ghent
        3. So Romantic: Ghent is not as touristy as Venice, still you get to take a romantic boat ride on a river. The river flows right through Ghent's historic city centre, so you will have 2 for 1, romance plus sightseeing!
          Romantic Weekend Getaway
            4. Great for Shopping: Lots of little unique and authentic shops! Strolling through Ghent's little alleys you will discover plenty of vintage and one-of-a-kind shops. Are you looking for the kind of sweets your granny used to eat when she was little? Ghent will probably have a shop of two selling exactly those candies!
                5. Desserts & Beer: Make sure you eat waffles or pannekoeken (pancake). They come with sweet whip cream which is just super yummy. Also Ghent's cafes usually serve amazing desserts, so take a break from your healthy diet when you are visiting Ghent! And that's not all, Belgium is also known for its variety of beer types. Ladies, they even have cherry beer ('Kriek' beer). So make sure you visit one of these tiny little, even romantic, beer pubs that are located all over the historic city centre.

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