Pop Music & Jewellery - Find Your Favourite 'Song'


Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift? Are you currently hearing your favourite Pop song in your head? Or maybe the song your are thinking of is a classic one by Michael Jackson? What kind of jewellery would YOU associate with pop music?

The Pop Collection of Song of Jewellery is COLOURFUL!

The colourful fashion jewellery pieces of this collection are available in gold vermeil, gold plated or sterling silver and feature various crystals and enamel detail in a variety of different colours. The Pop jewellery collection will give you your own personal happy-feeling and trendy fashion jewellery design. The pink and blue enamel earrings and necklaces by Irene Moller are lovely jewellery especially for summer. Also the turquoise gemstone earrings and shiny blue earrings by Amara Amara Jewellery are great summer jewellery eye catchers that will instantly put you into a good mood. To make a real fashion jewelley statement, take a closer look at Katherine Bree's stunning large chunky gemstone necklaces. Though the enamel eggs by British jeweller Argent of London may be a bit too 'elegant' for the Pop jewellery collection, we have included them anyway given their beautiful colourful designs.

Prefer bespoke fashion or costume jewellery? Please get in touch with our Customer Service to design your unique jewellery.


Check out Song of Jewellery's colour costume jewellery here! 


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