Singing About Jewellery

On this beautiful day, we thought we'd 'sing' a bit about Song of Jewellery's various jewellery collections.

Unique Statement Necklaces

The Song of Jewellery Necklaces collection features a wide range of unique designer necklaces from romantic and classic necklaces to punky and bulky statement necklaces. The necklaces are of unique designs and shapes and are made from various materials including bronze, sterling silver, gold plated, gold vermeil, 9ct gold  and 18ct gold. The collection also features a variety of colourful gemstone necklaces with lots of different crystals and a wide range of classic pearl necklaces. There is one necklace here for every occasion: timeless everyday necklaces, fashion necklaces and elegant evening necklaces. For the ones wanting to make a real statement with their jewellery, have a look at British jeweller Jamie London's range of vintage lace chokers or flower and skull pendant necklaces in gold and silver, or the beautiful chunky gemstone necklaces by British designer Katherine Bree. For science-fiction inspired statement necklaces, take a closer look at Heiter Couture's unusual jewellery designs.



Classic Ear Studs and Statement Earrings

Song of Jewellery's earring collection features gemstone earrings and unique earrings designed by contemporary European jewellers. Deviate from the high street shops' jewellery and choose your statement earrings from our selected jewellery designers. Have a look at jeweller Amara Amara's collection of colourful gemstone drop earrings that are perfect to wear with a cocktail dress. London based jeweller Argent London offers similar cocktail earrings whilst also focusing on nature-inspired earrings, for instance the gold starfish ear studs or the jeweller's popular peapod earrings available in gold and silver. Jamie London features statement earrings with some 'haute punk' style due to the mix of flower and skull charms. Icelandic jeweller Aurum designs unusual but timeless earrings that are often feather shaped or inspired by the Icelandic landscape. If you are looking for something cute and colourful, have a look at Irene Moller's pink enamel ear studs and or blue earrings which make great summer jewellery. For really unique statement earrings that will make you stand out, take a closer look at Heiter Couture's earrings designs.



Timeless Jewels and Gemstone Bracelets

Song of Jewellery's collection of unique designer bracelets consists of bracelets that are made of gold, sterling silver, gold filled or gold plated pieces as well as beads and colourful crystals. The collection features classic bracelets that make great everyday and office jewellery, very elegant bracelets for formal evening dresses, but also lots of statement bracelets and statement bangles that serve as beautiful eye catcher jewellery. If you are looking for delicate gemstone bracelets with various gemstones, you will like the Fiesta Gemstone Bracelet by Argent of London and the Gold Vermeil Cocktail Multi Stone Bracelet by Amara Amara. For more chunky gemstone bracelets, take a closer look at Katherine Bree's collection of colourful crystal bracelets which also make colourful eye catcher bracelets. For more timeless everyday bangles, both Matthew Calvin and Amara Amara have beautiful bangles in gold and silver. For classic silver bracelets in unique and unusual designs, Icelandic jeweller Aurum may have exactly what you are looking for. For bold silver and gold statement bracelets, we can recommend the following jewels: the Gold Vermeil Aqua Cuff, the silver Apollo Cuff, the vintage lace cuffs and flower and skull bracelets by Jamie London.




Gemstone and Classic Bangles

This collection of beautiful bangles has many beautiful pieces designed by British jewellery designers Matthew Calvin and Amara Amara Jewellery. Take your pick from the classical and minimalistic pieces in the Matthew Calvin collection or be enchanted by the beautiful gemstone bangles designed by Amara Amara Jewellery. The perfect thing with bangles is that it looks great to mix and match them and they are great for almost any occasion. For statement bangles, take a closer look at the Gold Vermeil Aqua Cuff by Amara Amara with its stunning and unique design. If you prefer silver statement bangles, you may like the Argent of London's Silver Cuff or Silver Eliptical Bangle. The collection also features a wide range of silver birtstone bangles which are great personalised gift ideas. All you need is the star sign of the lady you want to gift the bangle to and then choose the birthstone jewellery accordingly.




Already found your favourite gold or silver necklace chain and just need a pendant to go with it? Or are you looking for a jewellery gift for her? Choose from our variety of silver and gold necklace pendants. This section features cute silver and gold animal pendants, for instance the silver turtle pendant or the silver and gold seahorse pendant. For coffee lovers, the gold coffee bean necklace pendant makes the perfect jewellery gift. If you are looking for a more personalised necklace gift, you might like the gold coin pendant necklace which can be personalised with the initials of your beloved one. For fine jewellery, take a closer look at our luxurious enamel egg pendants by British jeweller Argent London. These exquisite necklace pendants come in various different colours and designs and make very special birthday or anniversary gifts. All pendants are crafted by contemporary European designers. Be sure to find some unique jewellery here to stand out.




Song of Jewellery’s ring collection features various designer rings from contemporary British and European jewellers. The ring designs range from thin and lightweight to thick ones, from minimalistic and classical rings to beautiful statement rings. The collections also features a variety of gemstone rings - where some rings carry one crystal and other rings sparkle even more due to their variety of gemstones. For gemstone rings in gold and silver, have a look at British jeweller Argent of London and Amara Amara's romantic crystal rings. For classic and timeless rings, you may like the minimalistic ring designs of British jeweller designer Matthew Calvin. For silver statement rings and delicate feather rings, Icelandic jeweller Aurum might have exactly the ring designs you are searching for. Or for really bold statement rings in unusual designs, Italian designer Nooi should have something for you in their jewellery box.




Whilst our jewellery collections should offer stunning jewels for any taste, if you prefer something really unique, please contact our Customer Care for bespoke jewellery.


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