Thursday Thoughts on Bridal Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery

Jewellery accentuates the beauty of bride in multiples. It is the significant part of the bridal attire as the bride looks resplendent when she wears the jewellery. There are some things which are given due care while designing. It is done so as to make sure that the jewellery does not lose its essence and give the bride the actual taste of magnificent beauty. Here are some of those things:

Intricate design:

The design of the jewellery should be intricate as it is the most special day in her life and thus the design should go well with her attire and looks.

Light weight:

The quality of bridal jewellery is known by the weight it possesses. The earrings specially need to be designed excellently but with a light weight. They may look heavy on seeing but not otherwise. As they are to be worn by the bride for long time it is necessary that they are comfortable.


It is important to know which metal will work with the bridal dress. Gold, silver and pearls are not suitable for everyone. The sparkling and dazzling jewellery with an excellent finishing and modern or vintage design are all to be seen while choosing the metal. Since the colour of a wedding dress is mostly ivory, cream or white, a little coloured beading jewellery also looks beautiful. The sweetheart necklines match the theme of the wedding very well and are generally preferred. 

Here are some of the types of bridal jewellery which can be added as an accessory to the attire of the bride.


The hairpins help in managing the hairstyle and the veil. The pearl beaded hairpins or the rhinestone, crystal clearly reflects the romantic look and manages the beauty of her hair.


Depending on the cut of the dress, the main attraction apart from the bridal dress is often the necklace. Various types of necklaces in gold, silver, gemstones etc are available to match the dress and make the overall bridal fashion even more stunning and special.


Vintage style earrings, stone beaded or silver plated in different shapes such as starfish, squaredelle spacers etc work well with the dress of the bride - as long as they still look classy. In general, crystals and pearls are very beautiful to woo your heart.

Bracelet and brooch:

The brooch is generally preferred with beach or nautical themed wedding. They are mostly hand made and feature high quality beads. Gold gemstone bracelets work well with the bridal attire. For a classical wedding, the bracelets should not be overwhelming and chunky but timeless and delicate.


At Song of Jewellery you can choose from a wide range of bridal jewellery designed by contemporary European jewellers. Bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, necklaces all are available in abundance and exquisite and unique designs. Gold, silver, gemstone, vintages and multi-stone jewellery pieces are all amongst our bridal jewellery picks. All the designs involve lot of precision work and technicality along with patience and an eye for details which the designers put in to make the jewellery beautiful and stunning.

And the most important thing about bridal jewellery is that the bride should be comfortable in her accessories as only comfort can guarantee the dazzling wedding day!

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