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Summer is a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s taking a stroll along the beach, having a picnic with the family or just enjoying the sun in a neighbourhood park, it is no doubt one of the best seasons to explore our freedom and have fun!

So you’ve put on the summer dress that you’ve been yearning to wear, and you look into the mirror with a million thoughts going through your head. Is this too simple or plain? What jewellery should I wear to complete that desired summer look? Regardless of how you may choose to wear your jewellery, it doesn’t change the fact that they can make all the difference to your overall style. From the bright and bulky bling-blings to the minimal, humble pieces, summer jewellery is all about bringing out your personality. Are you bold? Go for the big pieces. Sweet? Go for the calm, gentle colours. Simple? Go for the classic chains with a smooth design.


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Here are two things you may want to look out for when it comes to choosing summer jewellery:

1. Jewellery Colour

Sun, waves, beach, fun. The colours of summer should be vibrant and energetic just like rays of the sun, yet relaxing as the calming waves and corals. With that in mind, gold jewellery is one of the best choices for the season due to its shiny, shimmering and easy-to-match nature. Whether you’re wearing a summer dress or a plain, white t-shirt, a simple gold necklace like this one will help greatly in achieving that desired summer look. For those who would like to incorporate less neutral colours into their style, shades of aqua blue or teal are great choices as they represent the clear summer skies and ripples of the sea.

2. Style

Go bold, go simple, or go for a mix of both! Whatever your style is, wear it with confidence. Summer is a great time to explore the endless possibilities and find out which style suits you best. If you’ve always been wearing the uncomplicated and safe designs, perhaps it’s time to get that gemstone ring you’ve been eyeing or those huge, colourful dangle earrings that have been sitting in your jewellery box since the beginning of time. Likewise, if you’ve always been bold in fashion and haven’t ventured onto the other path, why not try out some sleek and simple designs? Don’t be afraid to try new things and find out more about yourself. Who knows, you may very well discover a new love and style that suits you wonderfully!

Summer is characterised by adventures, leisure, creativity and even romance – it’d be perfect if your appearance is able to bring out those awesome vibes because there is no better season for jewellery to make their grand appearances! When it boils down to picking the best necklace, earrings, bracelets or rings to complement your outfit, allow your imagination to flow like an artist and her paintbrush. Whether it’s beads, gems or metals, make sure you enjoy the season knowing that some extra style has been added to your overall look. From the elegant, minimalistic style to the extravagant, exotic fashion, you decide who you are. After all, your personality is what makes them shine!



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