Aurum By Guðbjörg - Mystic Silver Jewellery Inspired by Icelandic Landscapes

Aurum Icelandic Jewellery

Sterling Silver Jewellery Inspired by Icelandic Landscapes

As exotic as her jewellery, Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdótir brings to you her award-winning brand, Aurum, all the way from Iceland.

Guðbjörg studied jewellery design at the Institute of Precious Metals in Copenhagen. Subsequently, she took part in many design exhibitions both as an individual and in a group, garnering well-deserved attention from around the world and winning multiple awards.

One cannot miss Aurum’s unique style, which is often displayed through the intricate details and designs of her pieces. The jewellery adds femininity to your style, while retaining that modern yet mysterious look.

Snow on the mountain; waves in the ocean; birds in the sky – Aurum’s jewellery is heavily inspired by the Icelandic nature, where many elements and irregularities can be found, yet they all seem to blend calmly together as one. Similar to this, the jewellery may seem simple at first glance; yet if you look at it long enough, you will start to notice its complex and detailed shape. Gold, silver, copper and bronze are some of the materials Guðbjörg uses to make her pieces, striking that perfect balance in colour when they are combined with the complex designs.

There are many interesting Aurum jewellery collections that you can explore, each bearing its very own story. These are named after a particular inspiration that characterises the idea, making all of them significant in their own ways. As Aurum’s jewellery aims to achieve a sense of balance, form, poise and vigour, every piece is individually designed based on one concept, yet it can be flawlessly styled up with other pieces accordingly to achieve a look that stands out in the crowd. If you’re looking for a timeless design which manages to strike a balance between simplicity and complexity, this is the designer you’ll want to check out.


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