British Jewellery Kokkino: Bright Gold & Silver Summer Jewellery

Kokkino: British Designer Jewellery That Is Perfect For Summer

Ever wondered who are the stars behind the beautiful jewellery pieces you see? To quench your curiosity, we’ll be introducing to you one of the many jewellery designers featured on Song of Jewellery – the mastermind behind the name, Kokkino.

The legacy of Kokkino began back in year 2003. Since then, founder and jewellery designer Melanie Ankers has successfully established her brand into one that is popular and trendy among the many British jewellery brands.

Kokkino’s contemporary jewellery is a fusion of elegance, simplicity and style portrayed through neutral and sophisticated colours (mainly gold and silver); characterised by its uncomplicated yet stylish designs. Melanie also incorporates her love for colours into her jewellery. Did you know that interestingly the word Kokkino actually means “red” in Greek? In fact, Melanie had actually spent some time in Greece – that’s how the Greek name came about!

All of Kokkino’s jewellery is handcrafted in a studio located in Worcester, England. Sterling silver, 22ct gold plating, oxidisation and vitreous enamels are commonly used in the process of crafting, which brings out solid pieces with a smooth surface texture. If you’ve browsed through the store, one of the main characteristics you may have already noticed is that her jewellery often consists of a unique, gradient flow and combination of colours, such as this summer bracelet  or this pair of earrings. When you put on any of Kokkino’s pieces, it has the ability to instantly spice up your sophistication level and complement your style without weighing down the overall look.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings – Kokkino offers them all. If you’re looking for simple yet unique pieces of jewellery which are easy to match, be sure to check out this designer and her collection.

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