Katherine Bree - Colourful Gemstone Jewellery Perfect For Summer

Katherine Bree

Introducing British Jeweller Katherine Bree - Colourful Gemstone Jewellery Perfect For Summer

London-based jewellery designer Katherine Bree is one of our featured and much admired jewellers on Song of Jewellery. Though she started off as a knitwear designer with a degree in textile design, Katherine has since taken a turn in her career and ventured down the successful path of jewellery design.

Katherine Bree’s jewellery is crafted from sterling silver, gold vermeil and colourful gemstones. Because of the stones’ varying natural patterns, each piece may stem from the same design or collection yet remain completely unique on its own. They are extremely intricate, characterised by strong, bold colours and shapes. Whether it’s this chunky Space Rocks gemstone necklace or Lunar Gold gemstone bracelet, Katherine’s pieces will no doubt set the spark off in any gemstone lover’s heart. They also serve as great gifts!


There is always a story behind every collection. Katherine gains her inspirations through various events in her life, such as a visit to the gallery or even something as simple as a walk in the woods. Combining these stories with the gemstones she has collected, each piece of jewellery is then handcrafted in Katherine’s studio in London, eventually becoming the high quality and unique pieces that we see.

You can always find a tinge of creativity in Katherine’s jewellery as she constantly experiments with new designs. Her pieces are great for spicing up an otherwise plain look, adding some style and elegance to your overall fashion. Regardless of the occasion, the versatility in her jewellery saves you the hassle of rummaging through your whole jewellery box in the attempt of looking for a suitable piece.

Due to her distinctive style, several big names in the UK including Selfridges and Liberty have already bought Katherine’s jewellery, making her a well-known designer in the industry.




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