Argent of London: A Jewellery Designer That Will Never Disappoint You

For a woman, jewellery can enhance her beauty and elegance, highlighting the most beautiful traits. Whether you are wearing a day casual attire or you are in an elegant and surprising evening gown, you will need to have some sparkling companions to complete your appearance. Jewellery can almost be found anywhere. The hardest thing to find though is jewellery that flatters femininity with its unique cuts and designs, amazing quality and good taste. A jewel doesn't have to be oversized or too opulent, to attract attention. Well-designed jewellery, even if small in size, can give any woman a refined look, which will most certainly collect all eye sights.

Argent of London is a London-based jewellery designer that has been designing beautiful fine and gemstone jewellery since 1996. It is really hard not to admire the masterpieces that come out of the hands and imagination of this designer. One of the most amazing design attributes is the balance between the elegance and charm of classic jewellery and the daring presence of colourful gemstones and modern designs. It is a jewellery collection that will never grow old as time passes by, remaining as beautiful as it was on the first day you laid your eyes on it.

Gail Goodrich, the founder of Argent of London, was set to design pieces of jewellery that will never fail in inspiring elegance in any outfit. The purity and beauty of Argent's jewellery can easily merge with anything you wish to wear. The jewellery collection features pieces with a multitude of coloured gemstones and modern shapes, which can make any day attire look bright and unique. For a party, elegant dinner or event, you can always opt for pearl jewellery, which will give you that refined look that will never pass away unnoticed.

You will notice that a number of Argent of London's jewels are inspired by elements found in nature. Some of the designer's gems are not too highly finished, leaving a slight impression they just have been found and set into the jewellery. A variety of the jeweller's pieces are crafted using natural pearls, for their incredible irregular shapes and unmistakable pearly shine, which can make every jewel one of a kind. Animals, insects, and even peapods serve as a source of inspiration, making the designer come up with fantastic pieces.

It is very hard not to be mesmerised by Argent of London's jewellery designs. After just a quick peak, you most certainly have found at least some piece that will match your favourite clothes perfectly.

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