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Amara Amara - Unique Gemstone Jewellery

Amara Amara is a jewellery brand whose name has the meaning of unfading and eternal. The brand is widely known for using and harnessing the power of the natural magnetic fields in order to create gemstone jewellery that brings in a multitude of benefits for the human body. Amara Amara not only brings a feeling of inner calm, but at the same time it also promotes natural healing and an overall feeling of vitality as well.

All Amara Amara jewellery that you can purchase in our jewellery boutique is created with the main idea of giving you that sense of relaxation, of feeling better and thus you will be able to cope with the stress accumulated during the day in a much better fashion.
Amara Amara focuses on a wide range of categories, from couture jewellery to those models that are very affordable, all so that it can suit different kinds of budgets. Amara Amara provides you with a stunning, unique style that will make you stand out in any situation.
The jewellery brand includes precious gemstones such as the amethyst, which provides a good relief for insomnia or stress, as well as the aqua stone, citrine, druzy and many others. From exquisite earrings to quartz necklaces, rings, cuffs and many other similar items, Amara Amara's jewellery collections offers a wide range of unique gemstone jewellery designs.

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