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Irene Moller Jewellery

Irene Moller - Colourful Summer Jewellery

Besides the staple gold and silver colours, does your jewellery box need more?

Well, the Irene Møller Jewelry collection will definitely add some beautiful colours to yours. Irene is one of our featured designers here on Song of Jewellery, and today we are truly excited to be introducing her to our readers.

Founded in 2012 by Irene Møller herself, Irene Møller Jewelry originated from San Francisco but has since moved its base to London. Irene has always seen herself as a creative person since young, but it was only until her time in Copenhagen as a twenty-something did she discover her love for jewellery making. Initially, Irene treated jewellery design as a hobby. She gifted friends and family her pieces, crafting them personally. However, since then her jewellery collections have exceeded more than 200 different styles, with her very name at the helm of it all. The collections are still growing today, so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice when browsing through her store.

Irene Møller Jewelry sources its inspiration from Danish and Scandinavian design trends, which are deeply rooted in Irene’s own Danish background. Her designs are elegant and stylish, with a tinge of playfulness and excitement in the colours. The pieces are light and bright, adding some sparkles to your style. Due to their weight, there is no need to worry about the cumbersome feeling that bulkier pieces bring, so you can enjoy looking good without feeling weighed down. Some of the materials used include high quality precious beads, gems and metals. Each piece is hand crafted in the studio in London, ensuring that wearers receive the best quality jewellery.

There is never a dull moment when you wear something from the Irene Møller collection. The pieces will make you look more youthful with their colours and brighten up your day instantly!


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