7 Tips to Find the Perfect Jewellery Gift for Her

Buying jewellery gifts for her may a bit of a challenging task. As you know, ladies don't fall in love with something very quickly and quite often they like choosing the kind of jewellery gifts they receive themselves. So in order to avoid at least some disappointments, have a read through this post to help you with some tips to find the perfect jewellery gifts for her.

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  1. Know why you are buying

Should it buy a gift for her birthday, your anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or simply a surprise? To please her with your jewellery gift you should match your jewellery gift to the occasion. To do this it is also very important to know what your gift would mean to her in line with that particular or occasion or event. Whilst a simple and cute ring might be a lovely surprise just like that, the lady of your dreams might be expecting something more unique and special for your 5th anniversary.

  1. Your budget

Well, this is of course quite an important point. To buy her the perfect gift you should also look at your budget and the kind of jewellery gift you want to buy for her whether you can afford it. Sometimes choosing a gold filled necklace over a 9ct gold necklace may look equally stunning but saves you your next weeks’ meals!

  1. Become a secret spy

Take a look at her jewellery box and spy on the kind of jewellery she already owns. This will give you ideas of the perfect jewellery she may fall in love with instantly.

  1. Know whether she has sensitive skin

If your beloved one has a sensitive skin or allergies, you may want to take that into account when choosing the perfect jewellery gift for her. A clear must is to avoid nickel and only buy nickel-free jewellery. On top of that you may want to go for gold rather than gold plated and sterling silver rather than silver plated if you know that she is has had any bad experiences before. Normally though, making sure your jewellery is nickel-free already avoids most of the skin irritations.

  1. Know her outfit

The type of colours of her outfit and her overall style will define the best jewellery for her. Ensure you go for jewellery that matches with most of her outfits. For example, if she wears lots of dark business suits look for something delicate and smart that she should wear at the office. If you are sure, she is quite a fashionista and like to stand out and wear unique jewellery – go for some really cool and unique statement pieces.

  1. Your commitment

Well, another important factor – if you have the perfect relationship with your lady and willing to be committed to her for the rest of your life – you might actually start thinking of popping THE question! Diamond rings are of course the preferred choice for that but also other gemstone rings are coming more into fashion for that. However, you could also start off with some lovely friendship rings or simply engrave the perfect jewellery piece you chose for her to make it personal and special.

  1. Uniqueness

If you want to find her the perfect jewellery gift, look for something unique and also something which matches with her personality. Giving her a unique jewellery gift shows that you are creative and thoughtful but also that she is important and very special to you! Engraving the jewellery with some beautiful words or even customising jewellery for her will make her feel special.

Just put some thought into your jewellery buying decision and you will surely find the perfect gift for the girl of your dreams.

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