The Perfect Jewellery to Get Into The Spring Mood

Jewellery not only makes the look complete, but also helps you to get into the right mood. How to choose between a wide range of colours and shapes? What is suitable for spring? Should it be elegant, sexy, small or maybe oversized? Here are several tips to help you getting the perfect spring jewellery:



    Spring bracelets are bright accents that complement the look and add a colourful touch. Especially spring time is great for wearing them as it the first time of the year where you actually might be able to pull up your sleeves to show your lovely bracelets or bangles. Huge, volumetric bracelets are in fashion, and you can never have enough of them! Combine different shapes and colours, wear all your favourite arm candies on your wrist - everything is allowed during spring.


      If you are used to have only one or two rings at one point in time, now it’s a perfect time to change the habit. Spring is about change and to try out new things. How about wearing lots of your favourite rings at the same time? Though it is especially nice if they all have have something in common, for instance, their colour. Gold can be called the leader of spring and almost every brand has a set of beautiful gold rings for you to choose from.



      Our perfect spring earrings are huge and flashy. Don’t be afraid of doing experiments: wearing earrings of different brands and designs is fun and trendy. In case you don’t like having lots of colourful jewellery, you could for instance choose rings with white pearls instead. Also fur and feather are great options for those who want to try something new and stand out!


          A necklace can change the whole look completely. Choosing your perfect necklace can be a challenging task, but the right one can help you to fully get into the spring mood. Choker necklaces made of metal and plastic are perfect, as well as ethnic or tribal style jewellery. African or Indian motifs remind of sunny days, flowers and sandy beaches and suit to every look. Especially our simple gemstone and crochet necklaces have something special and "fresh" - perfect for the spring season. Another thing to consider is necklaces made of natural materials, such as leather, wood or decorative stones. Designers try to keep the original pattern of the material, which makes each necklace unique and very special.


          Spring is the brightest season of the year and there is no room for boredom. The right choice of jewellery makes the look pop out. Huge details, bright colours and variety of shapes are here for you to keep the spring mood in your look!

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