Behind the Scenes at US Label AnaKatarina Jewelry

Ana Katarina Jewelry

Artist. Activist. Feminist. Mother. Read Ana Katarina's inspiring story of how she became a jewellery designer. 

8 Ways to Shop Emerging Designer Jewellery

Emerging Designer Jewellery

As with almost everything these days, you can shop emerging designer jewellery the old school way as in 'offline' as well as the millennials' preferred way, 'online'. Each of the two has its own benefits and shopping hacks.

Behind the Scenes at Oregon Based Jeweller Jennifer Donish

Jennifer Dornish Statement Rings

Jennifer Donish combines certified green eco-resin and wood cut-offs to create her jewelry. All of the wood used is local sustainable hardwood, each and every piece is completely made by hand.

Behind the Scenes at British Jeweller Ange B Designs

Ange B Designs - British Designer Jewellery

"I'd describe my style as being 'statement architectural' - I like to think that each piece, whether it be a pair of earrings or a ring, can be worn alone and still get attention. My designs are quite bold but also playful"..

Behind the Scenes at Tanzanian-based Jewellery Label Nyumbani Design

Nymbani Design Tanzania Jewellers

"Living in beautiful Tanzania, I often wake up with the sunrise and like to start my day working out on my balcony or hitting the water with my stand up paddleboard (SUP)." Read more about Kerry in our Behind the Scenes interview.

Behind the Scenes at Portuguese Jeweller Ana Pina

Ana Pina Portuguese Designer Jewellery

Ana Pina is an independent Portuguese jeweller based in the beautiful city of Porto. Read the post and learn more about how a former architect creates stunning minimalist jewellery.

Behind the Scenes at Philippa Green

Philippa Green South African Independent Jeweller

“…the most satisfying part of my job is when a client purchases something from me simply because they have an appreciation for the piece of art I have created.”


Behind the Scenes at South African Designer Smith Jewellery

Smith Jewellery Interview | South African Jewellers

Take a look behind the Scenes at independent South African jeweller Smith Jewellery and learn more about Anna Raimondo, the jeweller and artist behind the label. We love their mix of minimalist and statement design!


Behind the Scenes at Ashley Heather Jewellery

Ashley Heather Jewellery South African Jewellers

'ashley heather' is an independent jewellery studio specialising in artisanal pieces crafted in precious metals reclaimed from circuit boards. Passionate about and committed to ethical production we combine age old gold-smithing techniques with contemporary designs to create unique jewellery with a conscience.

15 Reasons Why You Should Shop From Independent Jewellers

Independent Jewellers - Marina Skia UK

It's quite obvious that in order to find your personal jewellery style you shouldn't be shopping the same fashion and accessories that everyone else is shopping. How could you ever embrace your individuality if your look is exactly the same as everyone else's?

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