8 Ways to Shop Emerging Designer Jewellery

02 June, 2017

Apart from embracing your individuality and NOT looking like everyone else read this if you need 19 more reasons on why you should be shopping emerging designer jewellery.
Now that we have agreed on the why, let’s look at the how: How do you shop emerging jewellers? No, you won’t find them next to H&M or Zara on the high street..

As with almost everything these days, you can shop emerging designer jewellery the old school way as in ‘offline’ as well as the millennials’ preferred way, ‘online’. Each of the two has its own benefits and shopping hacks.
OFFLINE  1. Art fairs and exhibitions
Many emerging jewellers use art fairs and exhibitions to increase the reach of their brands and showcase their jewellery to new customers. Just check online which fairs and exhibitions are planned in your city.2. Crafts markets
Local crafts market are a great way to spend a Saturday morning or afternoon. You probably won’t find the most haute couture and expensive designer jewellery on these crafts markets but there should be plenty of individual jewellers showcasing their unique handmade creations. Strolling around the different stalls is a fun way to discover new pieces. Why not take a friend with you and go for brunch or coffee afterwards?
3. Boutiques specialised in emerging designer jewellery
Jewellery shops that stock emerging designers might even be located on your high street or just off the main shopping street. The prices of the pieces they sell varies according to what sort of designer jewellery they showcase. Some focus on affordable handmade jewellery by local artisans and some only stock the new and upcoming jewellers specialised in haute couture pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.
4. Pop up stores
Bigger cities tend to have pop up stores in which jewellers and fashion designers have the chance to showcase and sell their pieces for a limited time. If you manage to find a great pop up shop, check in frequently. As brands will be changing regularly, a pop up store is the perfect way to get to know lots of new emerging designers and jewellers.5. The jeweller’s own boutique
If you are lucky enough to live in a city that is not entirely taken over by the big international brands, chances are that some designers have their own individual boutiques. You won’t find these independent shops on the high street though, so buy your favourite to-go-coffee and venture off to the little alleys that are off the main shopping street.
ONLINE6. Emerging designer jewellery shops
As with physical stores there are also online boutiques that specialise in independent and emerging designer jewellery – like ourselves, for example 🙂 If you are really after that super unique one-of-a-kind piece, also check out Not Just A Label. I personally love this website! You can find jewellery as well as fashion on it. Or make yourself a cup of tea and google a bit for what exactly you are after – some boutiques might specialise in certain kind of jewellery or origin of the designers.
7. Etsy
Etsy would generally fall under point 6, an online shop that sells pieces handmade by emerging designer and jewellers. BUT due its size, etsy deserved to have a separate section. The sheer number of items that you can buy at etsy is entirely overwhelming and you will come across lots of pieces that you won’t like, so be very specific in your search criteria. And then there will be lots of clicking and scrolling involved. But where else would you be able to add handmade jewellery, interior design pieces and handmade furniture in your shopping cart at the SAME time?!
8. The designer’s website
If the designer is already a bit more established he or she will likely have their own website where you can buy your favourite piece. But how to find the website?? This is where google comes in handy: just google exactly what style you want and be specific or check out local directories and trade associations which should also list jewellers that are even based close to you. And check out jewellery blogs (these are our favourite jewellery blogs – or our own one here) to get know lots of emerging jewellers around the world.

Don’t be afraid to dig a bit around and find labels that are not yet super known. It’s lots of fun 🙂 🙂

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