6 Jewellery Blogs You Should Follow

Song of Jewellery’s 6 Jewellery Blogs Worth Following
Blogs are a great way to look for information, user opinions and reviews. However with the growing number of jewellery blogs and your limited time, sometimes it’s difficult to read every single one of them. To ease your burden, we’ve listed down 6 jewellery blogs that we think are follow-worthy:
Managed by gemologist and jewellery enthusiast Danielle Miele, Gem Gossip has been featured in various fashion sites including InStyle.com and People Style Watch. Some of the blog’s main focuses include antique jewellery, celebrity jewellery and jewellery trends. You will also find exclusive Q&A sessions with top designers, a dedicated space for fellow jewellery lovers to share their collections, great recommendations to jewellery stores and many more!
Established in 2008, Gem-A-Porter is run by Russian gemologist Liza Urla and recently won the title of Best Fashion Blog 2015 at the UK Blog Awards. The blog is available in three languages: Russian, English and Brazillian Portuguese. Liza brings out a global perspective as she travels to different parts of the world in search of jewel trends, visiting stores and galleries and then writing about her experiences. Gem-A-Porter also features reviews, interviews and in general Liza’s journey as a travel bug in love with jewellery.
A simple, youthful, quirky and informative blog on jewellery, spiced up with a personal touch by the blog’s very own founder, Isabella Lee. Be inspired by interviews with jewellers and boutiques from various locations; marvel at the exquisite pieces featured in the site. Rockin’ That Gem emphasises and follows Isabella’s personal journey as a jewellery blogger, and you’re more than welcome to jump on board!
On the surface, The Cut’s minimalist layout is calm and pleasing to the eye, but underneath it are many surprises left to be discovered – just like a rare jewel. Focusing on the city of London, the blog seeks to discover, unfold and feature talented craftsmanship in the jewellery world. It also showcases various independent boutiques across the globe, as well as some of the most extraordinary and uniquely-designed jewel pieces you can find. If you happen to be looking for engagement ring advice or services, this is also the blog to follow!
The name says it all. Love Gold is a compilation of all things relating to gold jewellery, contributed by various parties including the above mentioned Danielle Miele from Gem Gossip. The blog features profiles of gold jewellery collectors and designers, events, interviews and even jewellery shopping guides for various cities around the world. There is just too much to discover here, so we highly recommend you to check it out yourself!
Keep yourself up to date on the latest jewellery news with Jewels du Jour. Whether it’s an upcoming exhibition or auction, the blog has an events calendar you can browse, making sure that you never miss the chance of attending an event again. Feel free to read about jewellery books, collections, auction news, jewellery designers and many other topics. To top it off, if you happen to come across a jewellery piece that you fancy, contact Jewels du Jour and you may very well get a better purchase price for it!

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