5 Mistakes When Choosing Bridal Jewellery

He finally popped the question and you are the happiest girl in the world. Now you can plan your wedding day – your day to feel like a princess!
There are quite a number of decisions to be made, for instance setting the wedding date, wedding location, who to invite, what kind of food to serve, which music to play and of course finding the most beautiful wedding dress for you. Some parts are more fun, some parts are a bit more tedious. But after all, this will be your day and you want to make it as perfect as possible.

One of the  rather underestimated parts to plan is the selection of your bridal jewellery. You will likely spend or have spent already hours in order to find the wedding dress of your dreams. Rightly so! But don’t forget to take your time to find your perfect bridal jewellery. Below is a list of some mistakes that brides tend to make when choosing their jewellery.5 Mistakes When Choosing Bridal Jewellery:Buying the bridal jewellery before the wedding dress: The bridal jewellery’s role is to support your overall glamorous bridal style which is mostly determined by the choice of your wedding dress. Therefore never buy your bridal jewellery or any other bridal accessories before you have chosen your wedding dress.Mixing silver and gold: A simple no. Whilst it may be trendy to mix it for certain occasions, a wedding is not one of those. Keep it timeless and classic – don’t mix gold and silver jewellery.Choosing ‘trendy’ rather than classic jewellery: Looking back at your wedding photos after decades, you don’t want to regret your bridal style choices. What may look super fashion and trendy today may look outdated in future.  Go for timeless and versatile jewellery and you are on the safe side.’Overdoing’ it: No matter how beautiful your bridal jewellery is, it should never draw the attention away from your wedding dress. The centre of attention will be, apart from yourself, of course, the wedding dress, not the wedding jewellery. The bridal jewellery should play a supporting role, underlining the theme and style of your wedding dress. Sometimes less is more.Not thinking beyond your wedding day: Yes, you are likely not wearing your wedding dress again but what about your bridal jewellery? Choosing timeless jewellery means that you are able to wear it again and therefore will make the most of your budget. Wouldn’t it be so romantic to wear  the bridal jewellery on your anniversary days?
We hope this post may help you to find your perfect wedding jewellery. Have a look at our collection of bridal jewellery here. Song of Jewellery features unique jewellery selected from a variety of contemporary European jewellers.

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