10 Signs You Are Ready To Get Married

17 February, 2017

You have been living together now for a while and everything seems to be going well. You have managed to set up a functioning plan for all household duties, have a joint bank account for bills and have met the other half’s parents and family for a few times. Maybe even the wedding bug has now arrived in your circle of friends and summer means hopping from one wedding to another. 
But how do you know whether you are ready to get married? And most of all, how do you know if he is Mr. Right? Read through our list below and find out!  1. You listen to your friends’ dating stories and don’t feel like you’re missing out.
Instead you feel happy in your relationship and are glad that your single days are in the past.2. You are ready to make compromises and leave your ego behind.
Sharing your life with someone involves lots of work and compromises. It’s not only about you alone anymore but about the TWO of you. 3. The thought of getting married no longer terrifies you.
You associate positive feelings with getting married rather than claustrophobia. 4. Your friends and family are fans.
Your close friends and family are supportive and get along well with him. If they don’t  approve, take it as a red flag. Chances are that there is something wrong with him. 5. He is the first person you call when you get good news. 
You got a promotion at work or had an awesome gym session and feel super energetic and want to chat – who do you call first?6. You share the same values and life goals. 
You have spoken about your future together and share the same values and goals in life. Achieving life goals is much easier when working as a team.7. You speak in terms of ‘we’, not ‘me’.
‘We have bought a new couch for the flat’. – Are you comfortable with using the ‘WE’ or would you rather substitute it by ‘I’ when possible?  8. You have found your best friend. 
You truly feel like you have found your soulmate and want to tell the whole world about it. 9. You can’t imagine life without him.
Imagine yourself 50 years later, having breakfast and reading the news. Is he (now with grey hair!) sitting next to you? 10. You are literally hearing the wedding bells. 
Your “Wedding” Pinterest board becomes your new favourite thing and your heart almost stops very time he gets down on one knee 🙂 

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